The power of introverts

It’s nice that there’s a person out there (Susan Cain) who informs our extroverted society to acknowledge the fact that not all of us act the same way and that it’s OK to be different. Extroverts will never understand that, based on my observations they lack common sense and deeper understanding. They live without really trying to understand different aspects of live or evolving as a person. What matters to them is constant talking and to be just like everyone else and not a unique person on it’s own. But of course nothing is absolute and there’s always exceptions.

When you’re younger the social norms break you down even faster because you don’t understand why you’re different and nor do others.

It’s scientifically proven that extroverts and introverts have different ways of processing information. For example I need time to think and come up with ideas, I can’t spit them out like extroverts do. That’s why my ideas have always been better when I work alone because I actually have time to think things through and come up with different solutions.

Another important thing is the fact that how much energy it takes to socialize. It literally sucks every drop of energy out and eventually you feel like a juiced lemon shell. My own mind can entertain me million times better than socializing with an extrovert ever can.

Evolution is all about introverts, to produce people who can come up with ideas and inventions and actually make a difference in human life and in the world overall. To teach the grey mass and spread knowledge for a better and more fair life.

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