The truth about Mars

I read a book named “The truth about Mars” by Ernest L. Norman today and all I can say is that it’s amazing. There’s so many things in this universe that humans don’t know about because they lack higher intelligence. There’s so much happening around us that we can’t see, yet it’s there and accessible only by those who train their clairvoyance aka sixth sense. To reach higher intelligence we need to learn this to be able to reach other people in different planets and dimensions as well as telepathic communication.

Basically this book is about an astral flight to Mars. It explains how the life is in there. About the city and how it’s managed under the surface and what caused the people to move there. Everything is explained in detail and makes a lot of sense.

It’s only a matter of time when new evidence will be found about life on Mars, but who knows, if I lived on Mars I’d try to hide from earthians since all they do is destroy everything.

A paragraph from the book:

“Mars was, up until about 100,000 years ago, a planet very similar to the earth.
There was air, water, and an abundance of plant and animal life. The cities
flourished on the surface just as ours do. At that time, through their occult
science and also with their superior telescopes they saw, somewhere out in
space, a cataclysm take place. One of the giant suns suddenly went berserk,
flared up like a nova and then exploded in a terrific blinding flash. Huge
chunks hurtled out into space in different directions, each one a smaller,
white-hot, atomically-burning sun, shooting off great streamers of atomic
energies. It was determined by calculations, that one of these fiery pieces
would pass very close to our solar system. As it was larger than our own sun, it
was conceivable that there would be tremendous gravitational pull, besides
giving off great energies. It was also determined, as light traveled much faster
in space than this huge chunk, that it would pass our solar system. This
therefore gave the Martians a grace period for preparation. They had, however, a
choice: to stay on Mars or to migrate to another planet far away from this solar
system. After a search of the nearby, practical limits of the heavens, it was
found that there was no other planet available which would be suitable. So an
alternative was decided upon. They could build huge cities underground! During
the next two hundred years or so, an almost frantic building program was
assiduously pursued.” … “Day by day they
watched the white glowing mass of light grow larger and larger. There was no
really accurate way by which to measure how close it would pass or just how hot
it would be. No doubt many thought it would be the end!””

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