Nasty american foods

Since I’ve been living in the US the one thing that’s been the hardest to adapt to is the food. I come from a country where the food is healthy and perfectly seasoned, you wouldn’t ever find a person or a restaurant who would throw a raw beef meat on the pan and cook it without any seasoning. That would be pure madness and frowned upon. But in america it’s totally normal to cook and grill different meats and overall foods without any seasoning! How the hell can a person eat a freakin meat or any foods without any taste to it? No salt, no pepper, no nothing..Totally bland.

The top foods that just make me throw up:

1. Biscuits and gravy. That must really be the most nastiest food I’ve ever ate in my life. The first time it was served I could only take a small bite out of it and for the next half an hour I felt like I’m gonna throw up. The texture, the taste, indescribable..

2. Ground beef meat. Every damn store has a huge selection of beef meats and pretty much all sausages contain it as well. There’s no escaping it. Even at Burger King or any other fast food restaurant sells burgers with a thick piece of beef meat in the middle..I just don’t understand how can people eat it, it’s so thick and full of little pieces that gets stuck in your teeth and overall has a weird texture.

3. Peanut butter. Seriously? Seriously??

4. Pop tarts. How can you eat something so damn sweet for breakfast?

5. Chocolate. Most chocolate tastes like slimy soap. There’s no real chocolate taste to it. Especially Hershey’s chocolate bars and chocolate kisses, except the cookies and cream one, that one is the only edible chocolate. I’m better off importing chocolate from Europe.

6. Grilled cheese and fried eggs-EVERY FUCKING MORNING. Just how can people eat the same stuff that’s soaked in oil every morning, every morning! You go to a fast food restaurant sometime before 10am, and they only serve foods filled with eggs and biscuits.. Or pancakes, soaked in a gallon of maple syrup.

That’s all I could remember, I’m pretty sure I missed some of the foods.

I do love corn dogs, chicken burgers, hot pockets, boiled peanuts, beef jerky and the huge variety of Pringles and other chips.

I really miss vegetables and normal healthy foods. Here I’ve bought more than 4 differents salads and they all tasted weird, I have no idea which seasonings they put in there but it was way over seasoned and didn’t taste good. Even potatoes were half hard in it. Is it really too much to ask for a seasoned stir fry or fried potatoes with seasoning, or foods with fried vegetables or potatoes/macaronis in it? The only way I can eat normal foods like a normal person is to make stuff on my own, because you’re never gonna find any quality healthy meals in here, not even in top restaurants..cause they don’t know anything about SEASONING!

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