This TV show and game needs it’s own post because it’s just pure awesomeness. It’s a free to play massive third-person shooter video game and TV show from Trion and Syfy, humans and Votans fight for survival on a transformed Earth. It’s post-apocalyptic and they have different races who try to coexist while they all have their own different customs and traditions.


The game has a main story line with quests as well as a lot of side missions and timely missions. You mostly do them alone but you can also co-op and in some of the main missions the main NPC characters come with you and help you with it.

One thing I love about Defiance are the arkfalls. I think they are a ton of fun. They’re events that pop up frequently on different parts of the map and everybody can go there and get in on the killing. There are many different arkfalls that take place, some that are very easy and others that require a lot of players to teamwork. The loot you get from there is great. Same goes for the sieges, it’s fun killing the zombies or volges with a lot of other people.

As usual there’s also many different neat outfits there that you can obtain either from upon completing certain quests, buying them with real money or completing certain goals. There’s a wide variety of weapons too, no matter your gaming style you’ll ought to find something you’ll love. There’s also a lot of different mods you can attach to your weapons and make them better.

For me it’s one of those rare games that I keep going back to aka it has a replay value. I can either keep doing my side missions or go on a mindless killing spree. Even if you finish all the missions they still have different little side quests and arkfalls, sieges etc popping up and going on. If  I should get bored I just drive around and try to get my vehicle stuck in trees or on top of buildings and such for just some silly fun.

And this song is my Defiance song 😛 I used to have it on repeat when I was playing it and since then this song equals Defiance for me. Always gets me in the mood to go play it some more.

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