An excellent wording and opinion on the matter. I wish opinions like this would be more common.

“Only the weak minded need religion. It helps keep them in line and gives them some kind of purpose. Those same people will raise weak minded children and the cycle will just continue as it has for millennia. It’s a waste of time challenging them on their beliefs because the programming goes WAY beyond this generation. The best thing you can do is raise your OWN children to have an open mind, question everything and form their own opinions and their own faith, whatever that may be. THAT is good parenting.”

“Show me where I said ALL religious people are weak minded…..don’t worry, I’ll wait. I know many strong minded people who have CHOSEN to be religious because it fits how they already live their lives and in many cases, the religion they chose is different than what their parents chose for them. The weak people I’m referring to are those who blindly follow the faith assigned to them by their parents. The same kind of people who generally believe everything the government and media tells them, the same ones who think “if everyone else is doing it, it must be right”……in short, those who don’t think for themselves but rather live their lives by default. I’m not judging them, per se, but it’s my opinion that those are weak minded people. Easy to manipulate, easy to control. All of that being said, though, you’re right, to each his or her own and outside of this post, I don’t bother people about their beliefs unless they try to force them on me. In fact, this post by The Mind Unleashed is the first time in a LONG time I’ve even referenced religion and it will probably be another long time before I do it again. Religion and religious topics has no place in my day to day life, nor do I promote it to my children. My lessons to them are to do good, help those genuinely in need, be respectful of their elders and don’t do anything they wouldn’t want their own children to do one day. If they choose to take a religious path alongside that, then that’s their choice but I won’t force it on them or let anyone else force it on them. At ages 16, 11 and 8, thus far my method has worked fine as they are all happy, obedient, dedicated to their education and haven’t given me or their mother one reason to be concerned about their development as human beings. So…..yeah, that’s that.”

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