American Women

I agree with the original poster 100% because I have had the exact same experience here with majority of women that I have had the pleasure to come in contact with. Every single point of his hits the nail on the head. Of course not everybody is like that but majority really is.

“I’ve heard them ALWAYS putting their needs and desires before those of others and offering NOTHING but a fecal sandwich in return.”

“When they are not cursing like a drunken Oscar the Grouch, even to their children, they are using gangster parlance. Yes, grown women not even from impoverished areas speaking like they are rappers. Their laughter at the highest decibel level accompanied by incessant and asinine chatter is something that unpleasantly distinguishes them from other women.”

“When they’re finished with their unhealthy meals they burp, fart and laugh about it afterwards.”

“In their arsenal of annoyance, distraction and mediocrity are incessant and loud socializing, ear-piercing laughter, constant absenteeism, singing and humming, foot-tapping/stomping, gum-snapping, mobile phones going off loudly and vibrating like small motors, personal phone calls on company time and disappearing acts from desks via extended and unauthorized breaks.”

“Too many times over the years, I’ve heard American women demand that a man have a six-figure income, live in a McMansion and drive whatever the f*ck is in the latest James Bond flick in order to even date them.”

“American women are too busy stuffing their faces at fast food joints and consuming overpriced drinks at Starsucks to even try to make a home-cooked meal.”

“American women have relegated men to nothing but sperm donors and walking ATMs.”

“When some American women found out that I was dating overseas and why I was doing so, in addition to being shocked, they still had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t looking hard enough or in the right places. I guess to them, I had to either settle for mediocrity stateside by “waiting for the right time” or go to Mars and marry a green chick with three breasts.”

“Hence, a typical conversation between American women is annoying, distracting, irrelevant and lacks any substance. American women are as useful as a bag of M&M’s in a brush fire. If you can’t have an intelligent conversation with an American women, how can you be intimate with them?”

“Being a nice guy in America is a death sentence while being an a**hole, a convicted felon, a drinker, a drug abuser, a cheater, a douchebag and a hothead is royalty.”

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